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It's the Most Colorful Time of the Year

Light up your home with beautiful holiday lights

Don't be the Scrooge of the neighborhood. Join in on the merriment and cheer by decorating your home for the holidays.

Active Duty Christmas Lighting offers custom Christmas light design and installation services in the Cheyenne, WY area. We'll help you light up your home so that you can bring the holiday spirit to everyone.

Our Services

Hung from the gables with care

Before you start putting your Christmas lights up with screws or nails, see how Active Duty Christmas Lighting does it. We'll come out to your home for a full evaluation and walk you through our installation process. Together, we'll plan a Christmas light design that illuminates your:






Leave it to the pros

Sure, you can spend the weekend hanging up Christmas lights yourself, but you might spend more money on supplies than it's worth. Active Duty Christmas Lighting offers all-inclusive Christmas light decoration services so you don't have to worry. We'll bring all the equipment needed to secure your holiday lights so that they stay up all season long.

Contact us today to set up your light installation.